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Safety is a hallmark of our operations at Beach Electric, Inc.  Our comprehensive safety program has policies and procedures in place to deal with the broad range of exposures encountered on any construction site.  The program is continually updated to reflect the industry’s latest regulatory changes.  Strict compliance with established standards and regulations has resulted in an incident rating which is consistently below the industry average for worker injuries and accident claims.


Worker training is a key element in maintaining a safe working environment.  The Safety Department is qualified to train our workforce in most of the essential areas of safety education.   When necessary, we supplement our in-house instruction through the use of specially qualified contracted safety consultants.  Some of our areas of training include:





First Aid.png


A unique aspect of our ongoing program is a series of three safety events conducted annually which reinforce the latest trends and methods in safety advancement through the use of films, guest speakers and interactive stations.

The Safety Department performs frequent inspections and monitors our jobsites to ensure compliance with established standards and regulations.  Through preparation, we strive to anticipate, minimize and eliminate the hazards associated with the construction industry. 

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