Wayne, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

  • Installed two 2-megawatt diesel generators, one 6,000 amp synchronizing switchboard and two 3,000 amp automatic maintenance bypass switches
  • Installed 75 kVA transformer and associated power panels
  • Installed lighting, power, security system, fire alarm, fuel oil controls, lightning protection and grounding
  • Installed 19,000 LF of duct bank conduit, 43,000 LF of feeder cable and 25,000 LF of power cable


  • Sloping ground conditions requiring the bending of PVC pipe for tie-in
  • Integrating new system into existing building

Project Description 

T-Mobile provides wireless voice, messaging and data service to over 45 million customers in the U.S. Its nationwide network reaches 96% of Americans. Their Wayne, NJ facility was upgraded to provide emergency backup to its growing customer base.

A new 1,200 SF building had been constructed specifically to house the new backup systems. Since all the these units would need to tie-in to the existing system, our work took place both in the new building and the existing office as well as the courtyard connecting the facilities. A 75 kVA transformer with associated power panels, lighting, power, security system, fuel oil controls, lighting protection and a grounding system were all installed in the new structure. The new emergency backup includes two 2-megawatt diesel generators, a 6,000 amp synchronizing switchboard and a 3,000 amp automatic maintenance bypass switch.

Duct banks were installed consisting of 19,000 LF of conduit, 43,000 LF of feeder cable terminations and 25,000 LF of control and miscellaneous power cable. A unique challenge occurred during the duct bank installation: the uneven, sloping nature of the grounds required heating and bending the PVC pipe to ensure a proper fit, thus enabling complete integration of the old and new systems. Our close coordination with the excavating contractor allowed the project to continue without disruption.