Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Renovated light and power in existing laboratories

• Installed new emergency generators

• Installed repositionable power units in ceiling-based delivery system

• Integrated emergency power into existing building



• Labs remained open and operational throughout power installation work


Project Description

 Rutgers University is home to the world’s largest university-based biorepository (the RUCDR).  The process of biobanking (cell/DNA storage) extends the viability of genetic materials for research.  An upgrade to their already technologically advanced infrastructure would allow the RUCDR to further assist scientists worldwide in their efforts to develop a better understanding of the causes of disease.


All new lighting, light fixtures and controls were installed in the laboratories along with a new portable power system.  This repositionable system is embedded in the ceiling and can be moved to deliver additional power to any station in the lab.  New emergency generators were also installed and integrated into the existing building.


The labs remained in operation throughout the project and all our work was performed around the researcher‘s activities.  Flexible scheduling and coordination with the client (i.e.-working only in areas not in use) allowed us to finish on time.


The College of American Pathologists has accredited the RUCDR through its quality assurance program.  Rutgers is one of the first biorepositories in the world to earn this distinction.  We are proud to have collaborated with the University on this important project, enhancing their capabilities and advancing their critical work.