SPring Lake, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Installed all power, light, motion sensors and fire alarm systems at new North End Pavilion complex 

• Installed power and hookups to all pool-related systems in main pump room

• Connected kitchen equipment to power system

• All work is weatherproof in stainless steel enclosures



• Ensuring that all systems were installed at proper elevations and locations in the pre-cast building


Project Description

The new North End Pavilion in Spring Lake, NJ is modeled after its predecessor - a popular beachfront pavilion from the 1930’s.  This state-of-the-art facility retains the look (and even some of the original decorative tiles) of the previous building while improving accessibility and adding modern conveniences and amenities.


The new structure is a pre-cast building engineered to withstand extremes of weather (the surrounding area had been damaged in Hurricane Sandy).  The electrical panels are housed in stainless steel enclosures, making them weatherproof as well.  We worked closely with the pre-cast contractor and employed CAD-generated plans to ensure that all electrical systems were installed at proper elevations and locations. 


In the East building, a typical interior package including power, lighting and fixtures, lighting controls, motion sensors and fire alarms was installed.  The first floor contains the concession area with full kitchen and lockers/changing rooms.  Complete hookups of the kitchen and concession equipment were performed.  The second floor features a catering room and observation deck with pavilion lighting overlooking the ocean.


The West building houses the main electrical suite for the entire complex and the pump house controlling the two large saltwater pools on the premises.  Our work included installation of VFD controllers, UV coronation, all pool related systems and grounding for the pool pumps. 


The finished product is both a nod to the historic prior building and a contemporary venue where the community can pursue all the delights that summer at the shore can bring.