Port Newark, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Installed all power, light and controls to newly expanded refrigerated warehouse

• Installed 800-amp power distribution system

• Connected and calibrated all controls, censors and instrumentation to juice storage tanks



• Installing intricate control wiring to tanks

• Integrating new controls into existing system

• Flooding from Hurricane Sandy caused one month delay


Project Description

Cutrale Citrus Products is the world’s largest supplier of orange juice with a 60% share of the market.  This project expanded their tank farm at Port Newark, NJ, doubling the storage capacity of the facility.


The new section contains four 650,000 gallon refrigerated storage units utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation.  Thousands of feet of underground conduit were installed containing the power and control wiring prior to the pouring of the slab foundation.  The tanks were then positioned and the building was constructed around them.


All interior lighting and power were installed as well as all control systems to the tanks.  These were some of the most elaborate and complicated systems our workforce had ever encountered.  They included temperature sensors, pump operation, valve activation, liquid flow regulators, fiber optics and smart instrumentation.  This installation, along with the integration of the new controls into the existing building systems, presented us with some of our most challenging work to date.


One other obstacle played havoc with our schedule:  Hurricane Sandy.  The project was shut down for one full month due to heavy flooding at the site.  This put our deadline in jeopardy:   we needed to have the facility operating at proper temperatures by a certain date so as not to result in monetary losses for the Owner.  Through use of emergency generators and the modification of our timetable, despite the delay, we were able to finish on time.


The final product provides Cutrale with the increased storage capacity needed to accommodate the continued growth of their business.